Kelly Vandall


Kelly is an Administrative intern at Onehoop and a proud member of Ochapowace First Nations, located in southern Saskatchewan. Currently pursuing Business Administration at Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Kelly brings 15 years of extensive experience in customer relations and support services to her role.

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    Her career includes significant roles such as Slot Attendant at Casino Regina and Manager at Youth for Christ, supporting youth in care of the Ministry of Social Services. Kelly also serves as a board member for Elelyon on Eagle’s Wings Christian Center, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the low-income neighborhood of North Central Regina and contributing to community welfare.
    In addition to her administrative role, Kelly and her husband, Raini, have ventured into entrepreneurship by founding Weatherguard Roofing Inc., a 100% Indigenous-owned business serving Saskatchewan's reservations and surrounding areas. Through Weatherguard Roofing Inc., Kelly is committed to delivering quality roofing solutions while supporting economic growth within Indigenous communities.

    Kelly's dedication to business administration, community service, and Indigenous entrepreneurship exemplifies her commitment to making a positive impact both professionally and personally.