Brooklyn Hramalak


Brooklyn Hramalak is a young driven professional currently interning and pursuing her passion for Actuarial Science. A proud citizen of the Manitoba Métis Federation, she hails from Roblin, Manitoba where her family is rooted and grain farms. 

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    Entering her third year at the University of Regina, Brooklyn is dedicated to completing her bachelors of Actuarial Science, a field that blends mathematical skills with risk assessment to solve complex financial problems. Her decision to pursue this degree was influenced by a desire to apply her analytical abilities in practical, impactful ways within the financial sector. 
    Athletics play a significant role in Brooklyn’s life. She is a valuable player on both the University of Regina Softball team and the SJFHL Regina Rebels hockey team, showcasing her commitment to teamwork and discipline both on and off the ice or field. 
    Brooklyn’s journey to Regina was motivated by her academic goals; it was the closest university offering Actuarial Science from her hometown. Before focusing on her studies, Brooklyn gained valuable experience in customer service roles and as a support worker for Foxvalley Counselling Services, honing her interpersonal and organizational skills.  
    As an intern, Brooklyn brings a unique blend of academic rigor, practical experience, and a strong work ethic. She is eager to leverage her background in Actuarial Science and her diverse skill set to contribute effectively to any business environment. Her dedication to continuous improvement and problem-solving ensures that she will make a meaningful impact wherever her career takes her.