Justine "Tini" Stilborn

Brand & Marketing Advisor

Justine “Tini” Stilborn is a dedicated professional who is of Métis, Swampy Cree, Romanian, and mixed European descent. She serves as the Marketing & Brand Advisor at OneHoop Indigenous Advisory Services and the Digital Publications Manager at the Indigenous Curatorial Collective. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts - Drawing from the University of Regina, she combines her artistic background with strategic expertise to make a significant impact in her roles.

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    In her capacity at OneHoop Indigenous Advisory Services, Justine applies her strategic branding and marketing expertise to enhance visibility and engagement for Indigenous communities and businesses. As the Digital Publications Manager at the Indigenous Curatorial Collective, she oversees digital publications, ensuring that the collective's voice and mission are effectively communicated to a broader audience. Her dedication to these roles reflects her commitment to empowering Indigenous communities and fostering sustainable growth through impactful storytelling and engagement.
    Justine’s involvement with CARFAC Saskatchewan and CARFAC National further highlights her dedication to the arts and community development. As the Past-President of CARFAC Saskatchewan, she has been a board member since 2009, advocating for artists' rights and development. In 2023, she joined the CARFAC National board as the Saskatchewan provincial representative, contributing to policy and strategic decisions at a national level. Additionally, as a Cultural Sector Reference Group Member for the City of Regina, Justine advises on cultural initiatives, ensuring the inclusion and representation of diverse communities in the city's cultural policies.
    Her areas of expertise are extensive and include community cultural advisory, strategic branding, marketing strategies, project management, communication, and outreach. Justine excels in organizing projects, developing brand identities, and implementing SEO, social media, and content marketing strategies. Proficient in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, she has a strong background in graphic and web design. Her technical skills also include leadership, goal setting, Google Analytics, brand and business development, and effective file management. Justine’s work focuses on engaging communities, enhancing visibility, and ensuring the success of the organizations she supports.
    Throughout her career, Justine has led numerous notable projects that showcase her expertise and impact. At FHQ Developments Ltd., she developed comprehensive design, marketing, and communications strategies and aslo led the Indigenous Economic Development Forum, managing all aspects from planning to execution. She also worked with many of their partners, her work with TOPA Contracting involved designing a new website, creating marketing materials, and advising on community engagement strategies. At Pathway Supply, she developed a new website and marketing strategy, enhancing outreach efforts and promoting a clearance sale. Her strategic branding and community engagement at Stone & Arrow significantly increased social media engagement. At Great Plains Contracting, she advised on strategic rebranding and community development initiatives. Justine also played a pivotal role in the rebrand and digital marketing operations at Encompass Online Marketing, ensuring client satisfaction and effective organic marketing. At North Canadian Construction Group, she transitioned from technical copywriter to operations manager, demonstrating leadership in project management, operations, and community engagement.
    Justine’s career is characterized by her unwavering commitment to community development, strategic growth, and engaging brand development. Passionate and deeply engaged with her work, she consistently empowers Indigenous communities and fosters sustainable business practices through impactful visual storytelling and meaningful impact.